Bribery and Toilet-Training

February 26, 2010 at 4:23 pm 3 comments

My husband just emailed to say that my 2.5 yr old C made his first poop on the toilet this morning.  Yay!   We will soon be a diaper-free household.  $20 extra each week to spend on me – woohoo!  But before I celebrate, I will describe the second part of this story and introduce another member of our cast of characters.

I present to you N, our nanny, and an indispensable member of our household.  I purposely say OUR nanny because she not only takes care of the children while we work but she takes care of all of us…  she is a hard-worker with strong opinions about how a household should be run, and I love that!   If she wants to organize the kitchen a certain way or fold the clothes a certain way, I do not give a shit.  The fact that the house is organized at all is fantastic.  N has been with us for exactly 2 years now and we all consider her part of the family (she does not live with us, but comes M through F). So, that’s a little about N.  Now back to C and his toilet tale.

Apparently, this morning, N bribed C to make his poop on the toilet with a trip to Tim Hortons for Timbits.  For any non-Canadian who may at some point in the distant future read this, Timbits are donut holes, little balls of sweet fried dough coated in sugary glaze or powder.

Now he really has something to celebrate

I have an inner conflict with this – not because I don’t think N should have bribed C with Timbits but because I don’t really care that N bribed C with Timbits.  If I were a good mother would I be disturbed about this bribery with fatty sugary processed food?  Or is it okay because I know C has the genes from my side of the family (like my brother) that will keep him slim and muscular, that I will balance out the rest of his week of eating with generally healthy choices, and that he rarely eats unless he is truly hungry?

Anyway, I’m proud of my little C’s accomplishment;  he apparently was jumping up and down with pride afterward.  Am I sad that I only get a report of this and don’t get to see it live and in person?  Well, that’s a whole other post, or rather series of posts.

Any thoughts on bribery with less than healthful food treats?


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