Fructose, sucrose, glucose – is there any difference?

March 9, 2010 at 5:17 pm 1 comment

My twitter feed this morning gave me links to two interesting blog posts about sugar in its various forms.  We’ve been talking about sugar a lot in our house.  We try to avoid candy at all costs (Valentine’s Day screwed that up for a couple of days), and I’ve mentioned that processed foods are limited.  Those foods contain sucrose, glucose, other “ose”s, and/or the ultimate evil, corn syrup.

But what about fructose?  The more I read, the more I understand that once it’s taken out of its natural form, it’s all the same…  so “Made with 100% fruit juice” or not, once it’s processed, it’s plain old sugar and therefore those gummy snacks made from 100% fruit juice are really just candy.  In his post on this topic, the author bashes the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada for “Health Check”ing just those snacks.

See Derek, I told you so!

But what about actual fruit juice?  I grew up drinking juice.  We never had water at meals.  Looking back, I find that strange.  I drank water during and after physical activity, but I’m pretty sure the rest of the time it was orange or apple juice.  I probably switched to water in middle school when I started thinking about my weight.

Today, we here lots about limiting juice consumption in children.  We try to limit the kids to one “drink” of juice per day, if that.   Otherwise, the boys have water.   The boys have never tried soda and though my husband and I have a terrible diet drink vice, they have never asked.

I find this depiction from the New York Times interesting.  It looks like there are in fact children the same age as mine who drink soda.

Wondering if I’m being hypervigilant on the juice front?  My brother thinks I am.


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  • 1. Tracey  |  March 9, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    I’m the same way on the juice front. My kids are allowed one cup a day-usually in the form of a 1/2 glass of calcium fortified Tropicana with breakfast, and a 1/2 glass of apple juice with snack. Otherwise, it’s milk or water. Most of my friends think that’s overboard as well. I grew up like that though, my Mom was very nutritionally concerned. I wasn’t allowed Kool-Aid or canned kids foods or KD or anything like that. I also wasn’t allowed to drink pop or eat chips except for if we had an evening babysitter. LOL (lucky her!)
    My youngest has never had pop, and my 10 year old just was introduced to it at bday parties about a year or so ago. We don’t buy it though. I think watching all sugars is a good idea-in general. I think it’s important to not go overboard though and restrict too much because then kids can go the other way and when introduced to junk foods-gorge! Or as teens/adults they can want to eat what they weren’t allowed to excess.
    It’s a fine line, quite a tightrope act, raising healthy kids!


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