Grandparents Rock

April 6, 2010 at 4:00 pm Leave a comment

My amazing mom with my boys and some friends

My mom and dad had the boys for 3 days and 2 nights this past weekend while we escaped for some R & R in Montreal.  A great time was had by all parties involved, though my parents were not slow to close the door as we left their place.

Here are some tidbits from their weekend:

  • “Mommy, at the sugar bush with grandpa and nana, I tried sausage with maple syrup on it; it was delicious” (you’ll recall my post about my parents and their love of all things sausage).
  • Grandparent playdates are the in thing.  For the second year in a row, we have taken some time away at the same time as my parents’ friends kids; the grandparents and the grandchildren (they have 2 little girls who my boys quite like) had two playdates with them within three days.
  • Grandparents need to take time for themselves too.  My parents got a sitter (my cousin) for a couple of hours on Sat afternoon so they could go for a bike ride.  Physical activity and time away to breathe and have adult conversation.
  • Little D is making my parents remove my brother’s childhood name plate  from the door of the room he sleeps in there; he does not want to share.  Now, both boys have their own rooms at their grandparents’ house.  Lucky them.
  • A full-grown human dressed as the Easter Bunny  is very scary to Little C and no, he “will not like it next time”.  He was subjected to it twice over the weekend – once at the Experimental Farm and once at Fulton’s Sugar Bush

Somehow, little D is now back to eating and trying more things; last night at dinner, he chomped on a slice of tomato… haven’t see that in months.  He also requested chicken noodle soup.  Sometimes a change of scenery is good.

Little C however, is still veggie-less.


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