As a Condition of Future Employment, I Would Like a Yoga Corner

April 23, 2010 at 5:30 pm 1 comment

Lil D has a yoga corner in his classroom.

I think I mentioned this in an earlier post, but it needs revisiting.  I love the yoga corner.  The yoga corner makes me want to be a student in Lil D’s class.

The yoga corner is situated, as expected, in the back corner of the classroom by a large window.  The yoga corner has a little Hindu god (I think?) statue on a shelf.  Below it, on another shelf, is a basket of cards, each with a photo of a child practicing a yoga pose, and the name of the pose typed on the back.  Next to the basket of cards, there is an empty basket.  On the floor in front of the shelves is a brightly coloured yoga mat.

As in most Montessori classrooms, the children in Lil D’s class are free to go the yoga corner whenever they want during “work” periods (2 hours in the morning and about 2 hours in the afternoon).

Here is what you do when you feel the urge to do yoga, as described by Lil D to his younger brother, Lil C, during his school’s open house:

“You come over here ” (points to the corner).

“You take off your shoes and put them in this basket” (the empty basket I described above).

“You put the basket away here” (under the shelving unit).

“You pick a card with a pose on it”.

“You go on the mat and try to copy the picture” (demonstrates the ‘butterfly’ that he has picked out the basket; the child in the photo uses her index fingers to make antennas above her ears.  I have never done this pose this way in an adult yoga class but might try next time).

A child (not mine) does butterfly pose

Then, I of course, have to make sure he is also practicing his reading skills, so I say, “and what pose is that?”

Lil D turns the card over and says, “the butterfly.  Now you pick one Lil C”.

Lil C spent the rest of the open house at the yoga corner.  He is now versed in bridge, butterfly, lion, downward dog, savasana (they had some more child-friendly name for this one instead of corpse pose but I can’t remember what it was), child’s pose, and tree pose.

Lil D told me that sometimes at circle time, the teachers will bring over the basket of poses, and they will work on the poses as a class in the circle.  Oh my, I wish I could watch…

Next year Lil D and Lil C will both be in the same class, and they will both have the opportunity to go the yoga corner.  They are so lucky.


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  • 1. fitforakid  |  April 25, 2010 at 12:30 am

    I just need to add a quick follow up to this post. Yesterday, after I wrote this, I asked Little D if he spent any time in the yoga corner at school. He told me, “mom, not many kids like the yoga corner or go there”.

    So much for my soft-lighted view of kids floating in and out of a yoga-induced blissful state throughout their school day.


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