What will you do with yourself?

June 23, 2010 at 6:56 pm 3 comments

Today is my last day of work outside the home. Listen carefully for a second. Do you hear that faint high pitched noise? That’s me squealing with delight from miles away. I’m pretty darn excited.

In the office today, everyone keeps stopping by to wish me well, but they’re not sure what to say. One female coworker was really puzzled. Her farewell exclamation was something like, “congratulations I guess? Or should I say enjoy your time, or really, maybe good luck???”

Then, though everyone knows I’m planning on being at home with my family, they ask, “what will you do” or “what are your plans”? This is somewhat expected from colleagues without children, but those parents in the building should know better!

But then again, I am actually asking myself the same question today with some trepidation. So, here, on this page, I will outline my plan:

1. Spend the next two days finishing up house odds and ends that have been neglected for six months. Still have our caregiver until Monday so better make use of that time!

2. Spend next week taking the boys on fun excursions to kick off the summer. Calypso Water Park, Andrew Hayden Park Canada Day Festival, Changing of the Guard, maybe even Omega Park, and of course, our neighbourhood beach (which I’m excited to say has had reasonable e coli levels so far this year!).

3. Continue to get 3 – 5 workouts in a week (at least 3 strength/circuit and 1 – 2 runs)

4. Establish a good daily routine. Drop boys at day camp, workout, shower, pick up boys, chores with boys when at half day camps (or while they rest), prepare dinner.

By the way, this city has an amazing array of inexpensive, seemingly great quality programs for preschoolers. We will be participating in Hotspurs Soccer Skills Camp (half day), Dovercourt kindercamps and mini-munchkin camps, Dovercourt Science, Nature and Sports specialty camps, gymnastics camp, and a get-ready-for-Montessori camp for Lil C.

It took me probably two full days to get all those darn camps organized.

5. Begin GRADUALLY doing administrative tasks for Derek’s business. Come September, I have committed to 3 afternoons per week.

6. Transition from Cooperative Preschool Treasurer to Co-President in July. I think workload will be similar.

Another aside, the Westboro Village Cooperative Preschool has space in the afternoon program which is open to 3 and 4 year olds including children who are in JK in the mornings!

7. Get more involved in Kidsport Ottawa committee.

8. Head up the family procurement department: Do errands, procure gifts for others, procure clothing for family and keep inventory age-appropriate, procure groceries and household supplies.

9. Head up family event planning department: Shuttle to and from evening soccer and swimming, plan adult weekend evening activities, make sure my grandparents are called every week, make sure kids’ grandparents are included in activities, plan birthday parties, plan vacations for the rest of 2010, register for extra-curricular activities for fall.

10. Head up household “physical plant” department: Establish home maintenance contracts, organize and re-organize the house, weed and water the yard.

11. Enjoy all the leisure time I will have to lie around and contemplate the meaning of life while eating bonbons.


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  • 1. Finola  |  June 24, 2010 at 2:25 am

    I think what you will be doing is fabulous. Between my Hubby and I we were home with our kids for 5 years and it was just the best. There is so much to do at home, and it is so valuable and rewarding (and freaking hard work!).
    And I smiled because Hubby was treasurer first, then president at WNS during our time there, and the treasurer job was a LOT more work.
    Enjoy it all.

  • 2. Tracey  |  June 24, 2010 at 1:26 pm

    I love this post! Sounds like you have a ton planned to keep your days busy and running smoothly-while also fun and kid friendly! One caution-many days plans will be thrown out the window, and that’s okay! I’m a list maker/planner too-and sometimes I get frustrated when I don’t “check” things off my list….but I’ve learned to just roll with it. The funny thing about people making comments about “what are you going to do?” or about you being “bored” at home-is that it usually comes from people who have never BEEN at home. I find it more work and challenging some days at home than it ever was at work. All that being said-I truly think my being home has made a huge difference in who my girls are becoming. I wouldn’t trade that time for the world. I hope you experience the same thing too! 🙂

  • 3. Jenn B  |  June 24, 2010 at 5:16 pm

    This post was great…funny and so much like my life at home right now. I am also a huge list-maker and find it really helps to keep me sane. Even if I never get everything done on my list (who does really?), I just find it relieves anxiety to organize all my thoughts and plans on lists. I will likely bump into you at the beach or running errands in Westboro Village. Dylan and Jonah will be going to the “new” Westboro Montessori in the fall so will likely see you at drop off or pick up time. I do have a few questions for you about the Danforth location…will send you an email later.


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