(3 is) The Magic Number

September 1, 2010 at 2:17 am Leave a comment

The title of this post is also the title of a funky De la Soul song that my boys love… and today, three was definitely the magic number for Lil C since it was his third birthday. And this is how it went:

7:15 am: Wake up and make oat pancakes with Lil D and Derek

8 am: I come down and finish the pancakes and clean up the tornado

8:30 am: Finish the plates of maple syrup with a side of oat pancakes and get dressed for gymnastics camp

9:15 – 12 pm: Gymastics camp with Lil D and a few other little friends.

12:00 pm: A snack on the walk home from camp.

These were soooo sweet

12:30 pm: A quick lunch followed by a gift from mom and dad.

Before you assume that we are trying to influence future career choices, let it be known that Lil C has been coveting this costume at Mrs. Tiggy Winkle's for months

1:15 pm Dessert – home-made ice cream sandwiches (see next post)

1:15 pm: Making juice popsicles to be enjoyed later

This rocket popsicle set was a gift for lil D so he didn't feel left out

1:20 pm: Bugs Bunny cartoon

2 pm: Swimming at Nana and Grandpa’s pool

5 pm: Dinner at The Works with Nanny (dad’s mom) and Uncle M. Yum – onion ring, french fries and a bite of a burger… oh, and a few sips of vanilla milkshake.

6:30 pm A visit from Grandma B and Grandpa T (dad’s dad and stepmom); look what they brought… Perfect since Lil D and Lil C are starting skating this fall.

The violin that has been on Lil C's most wanted list for a few months; and the helmet, well, safety first!

6:40 pm A cool evening treat.

Aaaaagh, to be 3.


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