Midday Tuesday – A Bit about Nothing

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I have so much blog material percolating this week; there may even be a post a day.

This is Lil C in a time out for punching his brother in the face this morning.

Doesn't he look like he's learned his lesson?

I just told Derek that I like iceberg lettuce.  I bought it this week and I so enjoyed my salad last night.  I even used store-bought dressing, which is unusual for me.  Derek responded to my revelation about iceberg lettuce with “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone”.

So, I guess he’s left it to me to tell the world.

Yes, it’s true.  I like iceberg lettuce and store-bought fat-free salad dressing.  It just has such a great crunch and a refreshing taste.  While it may not have the nutritional power of a dark leafy green, it still provides water and fiber, and it sure doesn’t contain much in the way of empty calories or unwanted additives and preservatives.

So, a few moments ago, I asked myself:  “What will I have for lunch?

I opened the fridge and the remains of the head of iceberg caught my eye.  That was right before I noticed the green shards of glass and the ice left by the exploded Perrier bottle.  Our fridge “recommends” a 38 degree F setting.  Our fridge thermometer reads 40 degrees F.  So why was the Perrier bottle full of ice?  And why do they put the thermometer right by the doors that open and close so often?

Industrial design discussion aside, I cleaned up the glass shards and started chopping the lettuce (yes mom, I CHOPPED lettuce; according to her, lettuce must be torn by hand into bite-size pieces).  As I chopped, I wondered about the slight pain in the tip of my index fingers.  And then I wondered about the red markings on some of the lettuce leaves.

“Oh, there is a piece of Perrier bottle in my finger”, I exclaimed to the empty house – Derek had left for his workout by this time.  Again, I set to fixing another nuisance and proceeded to add grape tomatoes and that same “mungey” salad dressing to my salad.

Have you ever heard the term “mungey”?  It’s Derek’s word for ketchup on eggs, white bread, KFC, iceberg lettuce salad, flourescent green relish, etc…  I hope it’s note offensive to anyone or any group.

I just checked to be sure and this is what urbandictionary.com says:

adjective. Describes the sensation of waking in the morning with coated teeth.

Okay, that kinda makes sense.

Anyway, back to my salad.  Here it is.  Yum!

Talk about product placement... too bad PC isn't one of my 3 blog subscribers


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