A Day in DC

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I lived in Washington DC from 1998 to the end of 2000. 

I made a lot of friends.  After ten years, I still stay in touch with three of them.  I stay in closest touch with my friend JM.  She was a bridesmaid at my wedding.  As life has become busier, it’s been harder to see each other, and since she isn’t on Facebook, she doesn’t have the privilege of getting my very insightful and thought-provoking status updates.  I last saw her in person on the Mayan Riviera for 6 hours in Jan 2009. 

So, we needed to make time for a visit.  I thought about taking the family for a road trip this past summer.  But then I decided that I had better things to do with 5 days then spend 2 of them in the car listening to the soundtracks of various children’s videos playing in the back seat. 

With my Air Canada points in hand, I decided to make a quick 36 hour, 2 night, one day trip to DC.  

I left at dinner time last Thursday.  I arrived in time for a late seafood dinner (with caviar) and way too much wine.  JM has a great partner – we decided we can call him a partner since at our age, boyfriend sounds a bit frivolous – and he is exceedingly generous.  Oh, and he blogs too, about his company, his county in VA, and cyber-security mostly. 

A late night Thursday was followed by a 5:30 am wake up call for boot camp.  Our instructor’s name was Angel.  She was no Angel.  And she blogs too, about fitness.  

Though I did fit in a mani and a lunch at Whole Foods, the highlight of Friday was “Fashion Night Out” in Georgetown.  Champagne and cupcakes were on offer at many stores, along with lovely fashion offerings.  

I picked up, among other things: 

This military anorak (it is slightly larger than pictured here) a real steal at Urban Outfitters. 


This Rag & Bone tunic.  

Online store description says dress... but definitely tunic length for moi


 These cute bandages for the kids.  They’re each a part of a burger.    


And these fleece inserts which will make my Hunter Wellies useful at least until early winter. 


We ended the evening with a crab cake and a lobster surrounded by Georgetown students, tourists and true Washington preppies.  

The next morning it was back to DCA (on Sep 11th – orange alert as the overhead system kept reminding us). 

So much fun and friendship jammed into a short yet worthwhile time.  This trip was a reminder that friendships, like other relationships require nurturing.  JM and her man are planning a trip up here in Oct – yay!  

And I gotta get her on Facebook…


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