Nanny: Last Week of September

October 2, 2010 at 11:54 pm Leave a comment

This week I met with Nanny on Thursday instead of Tuesday because of a previously scheduled doctor’s visit.  My guess is there’s not much else that might bump my standing appointment with her, but at 88 years old, physicians’ visits are written in permanent red ink on the calendar.

Last Monday evening I stood in the rain outside a coffee shop waiting to purchase a voice recorder to replace the ridiculous one my dad lent me.  I found the seller “Alex” on a local online “buy/sell” site.  I pulled a bunch of wet, crumpled bills out of my back pocket, and, just like that, I made my buy. For a moment I felt like I was on The Wire.

The recorder was in its original packaging and I’m happy to report it does not use a cassette tape.  So, yay: I don’t have to scribble furiously during our interviews any longer.

Did I mention I am required to eat prior to our discussions?  Well, the first week Nanny asked what I would like for breakfast.  I suggested some toast, cottage cheese or yogurt and some fruit.  Now, each week the exact same meal is ready on the table when I arrive at 9 am.

This week, I had some oatmeal and egg whites at 7 am, so I really didn’t want the toast.  This was some cause for concern for Nanny, but when I explained that Lil C woke up earlier than usual and that I was starving, she understood; I did have to describe my early breakfast in great detail, including quantities.  Nanny always suggests I eat more.  Recently she told me to “be good to myself” and eat a piece of her pie.  I actually feel like I’m being good to myself when I don’t eat the sweets, so she and I will have to agree to disagree on that one.

So, fruit, cottage cheese and lots of strong coffee, and we were off the races.  The discussion was intense, and I’ve decided to post the meat of it separately.

But, I have a couple of questions for you reader(s):

My Nanny A told my paternal grandmother (Nanny M) that I am “writing her biography”.  Nanny M keeps asking me how it’s going.  Do you think she is hurt that I am not doing this for her?

Her story, though interesting and full of its own challenges, was not a war crime.

Should I think about doing the same with her after I complete my current project?  I am considering offering, though I don’t want to write any cheques that can’t be cashed.

I also have some concerns that Nanny M is very private, so I’m not sure she will want to tell me any more than what I already know.

If you have any suggestions on how to handle this, I’d love to hear them.  If not, as they say, “no biggie”.

Stay tuned.  Discussion highlights from this week are imminent.


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Inspired. How Could They Let That Happen to Themselves? Nanny A’s Story

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