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October 30, 2010 at 1:31 am 2 comments

The playroom and mudroom design project is now in full swing.  I have a stab wound between the third and fourth fingers of my left hand to prove it.

Before I start documenting my progress (which I am quite impressed with), I’d like to share the goals I have for the two spaces.  I shared these goals with Katharine from Housters & Co, and in the final design kit she presented these goals back to me as she understood them – here are some highlights.

The Playroom:  (approximately 13′ x 21′)

  • Create a cozy space suitable for young boys, but that could grow with them.
  • Maintain a calm, clutter-free feeling in keeping with the rest of the house; this essentially means planning and suggesting useful storage.
  • Create zones for different types of play and artwork.
  • Incorporate furniture in classic forms.
  • Incorporate the existing train table, play kitchen and lemonade stand/grocery stand.
  • Incorporate a modern colour scheme that is inviting to children without competing with the already (way too) colourful toys.
  • Determine a use for the 13’x~3′ ledge that runs across one end of the room due to our irregular sloped lot and resulting foundation.

Mudroom: (approximately 8′ x 15′)

  • Create a kid-friendly entrance that is still welcoming and sophisticated while accommodating considerable everyday traffic.
  • Provide a place to sit.
  • Incorporate a system that allows the kids to participate in keeping the space organized.
  • Display family photos.
  • Maintain existing grey and white colour scheme.

The plan I am following addresses all of the above goals.  So far, I am exceeding my expectations in terms of execution.  The mudroom should be complete by the end of next week; the chairs might hold this up, but I’ll have done all of my work.

In my last post on this project I explained that I love calling the Ikea assembly men… But, I am proud to say that I have put together some significant pieces this week, all on my own.  Now that I don’t work (yes mom, I mean “outside the home”), I feel like I have no excuse not to do these myself.  And frankly, it’s been kinda fun.

By the way, did I mention that my parents are now reading this?  They heard from one too many friends that I had a blog.  So they asked for the URL.  My mom told me not to censor myself.  I won’t.  But, if I say something you don’t like mom, you’re going to have to pretend you didn’t hear.  I think this will be a good exercise in self-restraint.

Now – photos – you will have progress photos very soon.

The painter comes Monday for the playroom, and the deliveries will continue throughout the weekend.

Yay for change, fun, and organization!

A note about budget: I did not specify a budget for this project.  I was given high and low options on many pieces and have mostly selected the low where I felt the piece still had the classic form I wanted.


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