Meatless Monday: A Vegetarian Makes a Roast

January 31, 2011 at 12:28 pm Leave a comment

Many food blogs have “Meatless Monday” where the blogger makes a vegetarian dish for their family dinner.

In our home, we’re more likely to have a meatless dinner on any given weeknight. The boys do have meat and/or chicken a few times a week, but it’s usually easy chicken on the Foreman Grill, chili, or a burger. So, today I’m gonna go against the grain and treat you to “Meat Monday”.

Or more aptly named, “A Vegetarian Tries to Make Meat on a Monday”.

I decided I was going to surprise Derek with a meat and potatoes meal. I have never in my life cooked a full piece of beef. I have made ground beef dishes and even some fajita or stir fry beef dishes, but that too is rare.

I considered getting an expensive cut of beef from the fancy butcher. Then I decided against it. My experimental specimen would have to come from the butcher’s counter at the grocery store because of the good odds that this piece of meat would end up in the trash.

I asked the woman behind the counter to recommend a cut of meat. She suggested I get a roast with the bone in it. There was not a chance I was gonna dissect that sucker so we went through the other options. Again, I couldn’t bear the thought of trashing a $40 piece of meat if I ruined it, so I went with a 2.5 lb sirloin tip roast.

The butcher-lady recommended I search online for cooking method and time.

So, I got home and called my mom. She wasn’t answering at home or on her mobile.

I had to fall back on the Google search, and I managed to figure out what to do.

A little pepper, some tin foil (I don’t own a roasting pan) and 50 minutes later I took it out of the 325 degree F oven.

My mom called me back. She was not impressed with choice of cuts. She considered it a higher end stewing meat, but then downgraded the emergency by saying that while it wouldn’t melt in your mouth, it might at least be “okay”.

So I served it to Derek. He ate it. The boys didn’t.

And I may attempt this again in 2015.

Tonight we’re having this Vegetarian Bean Curry. At least I am.

Today marks the end of my first month of blogging on every workday in 2011 as part of the Post a Day in 2011 Challenge. I thought it would be hard to find things to write about, but it’s not. My drafts folder is full of post topics. Apparently I have a lot to say. My challenge is finding the time to say it, and say it well.

I very much appreciate you reading and your comments help motivate and inspire me.


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