Style Tuesday: Outfitting the Work-at-Home Husband

March 8, 2011 at 4:50 pm 2 comments

Derek has always worked at home. Oh, except for a six month stint in a rented space when we were between houses and renting a tiny place.  Every morning Derek showers and gets dressed for the office. He puts on a pair of clean jeans and a sweater or shirt. He is adamant that even though he is not leaving the house, he works better if he is ready and dressed for the day. He even has fancy work slippers. I like the way he dresses on a daily basis, and over the years he has learned what looks best on him.

Though Derek appreciates nice clothing, he has a hard time allocating space in his wardrobe to pieces that he will rarely wear. He owns a few pairs of pants that are not jeans (like 3 or 4), one black suit, a few ties, and a tuxedo.

I’m not always a fan of the shirt and pants look, though I find the shirt and jeans look okay. And he is definitely forbidden to wear a shirt and tie without a jacket. To semi-formal events, he has worn his suit with a shirt and no tie.

I have been on his case for a while now to get a sport jacket / blazer. I really feel like it would tie his weekend evening outfits together and give him so many more options.

But he has been resisting. Until this past weekend! Woohoo, he bought a sport jacket (albeit one that was marked down about four times).

This one:

After he bought it, he tried this one on at Harry Rosen (I noticed it is even on sale on the website, though it wasn’t in the store; I find that interesting):

I like it better. But the other one was final sale. And there is no way he can make room for two sport jackets in his closet. He says that if he finds he is wearing the first one “too much” he can go back and get a second one. We had some interesting exchanges on the subject and I’ve found we have very different shopping/wearing philosophies.

I even thought about buying the second one for him online, but I’ve decided to leave well enough alone – for now. We’ll see how our definitions of wearing the first one “too much” match up.

I’m looking forward to seeing my cute husband in his new acquisition. I really feel like this is a big step for him in acknowledging that he is a grown up.

I’m curious to know how other wives feel about their husband’s wardrobes. Is it hard to get them to shop for less-than-casual clothing? Are you always a part of the shopping process?


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  • 1. Julie Drury  |  March 8, 2011 at 5:54 pm

    The challenge for my husband is that he works in construction. He gets dirty and needs ‘industrial’ type clothes that will not fall apart and keep him warm in the winter.
    I have to admit, the Mark’s Work WearHouse look is wearing thin with me. I much prefer the snappy casual look that Derek is sporting.
    My husband often has client meetings during the day, or other meetings where his ‘work wardrobe’ is not appropriate. I’ve suggested time and again for him to carry a change of clothes with him…a little suitcase in his truck. He doesn’t. It’s either too fussy or he just doesn’t want to bother.
    When he does dress to go out, he has a few ‘go to’ outfits, including a blazer. It’s usually blazer, great jeans and a shirt. Tie is for weddings only 😉

    Love the post.

    You should do one on ‘stay at homes’ and ‘work at home moms’. I wonder how many wear 90% Lulu Lemon??

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