Nanny A’s Story: To a Never Forgotten Friend

March 16, 2011 at 12:06 am 2 comments

This is Zoya:

Zoya was a very dear friend of Nanny’s during her time in Germany as a forced labourer. Zoya gave Nanny another photo of herself. Nanny had it stored in an envelope on which Nanny had written:

Zoya Medvedeva, my best friend in Germany

We were together in camps. She was 1/2 Jewish. That I only found after the war. She writes a very nice dedication to me on the back of the picture.

Here is the photograph:

Here is the original dedication on the back of the photograph.

This translation from Russian was done by Nanny late last year:

April 17, 1944

To: Bekadorova Tanterska (Nanny’s official fake name, I suppose)

From: Medvedeva Zoierka

I offer this picture to a never forgotten friend, to remember hard times spent together. We walked together the “golden road” (Nanny adds “???”). You should never forget times being with Zoya; this girl was your true friend. Most probably you remember better now. Separation was sad, though we manage to see each other from time to time. I hope that this separation is not going to be forever, so please do not forget me. Your face and heart are always with me.

Love Zoya.

Nanny adds at the bottom of the translation:

Zoya stayed in the Lengerich working camp and I was transferred to a farm where I stayed till the end of the war.

Nanny wonders what happened to Zoya. She is sure she wouldn’t have stayed in Germany. Now that Nanny has seen the power of the internet, she is wondering if I can find a trace of Zoya. I’m not really sure how to begin, but I will sure try.


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