Fitness Friday: A March Break in Routine Throws Me for a Loop

March 18, 2011 at 6:36 am 1 comment

Yesterday I wrote about March Break. It put a little bit of a cramp in my fitness style. What’s worse, the break in routine has me eating at odd times, running more, strength training less, and making poor food choices – Do you hear me Mini Eggs? You are a POOR choice, as cute, and sweet, and crunchy as you are!

I’ve continued to journal everything I eat, but some days the final nutrient tally leaves me unsure whether I should laugh or cry. I am certainly not looking at it with satisfaction or a sense of accomplishment.

Though I long-suspected it, I can now say with confidence that I am a stress eater. My worst choices are made when I come down from putting the boys to bed if, 1) they are not yet sleeping after bedtime, and/or 2) they have given me a particularly hard time getting through the bedtime routine. Instead of turning right off the stairs to head to living room, I turn left and go immediately to the drawer with the chocolate chips. If it’s been really rough, I go for the milk chocolate chips rather than the semi-sweet.

Wednesday afternoon I put on a textbook display of stress eating at it’s finest. I was just finishing a healthy lunch of salad with chickpeas and avocado and a quarter whole-wheat pita when Derek came into the kitchen to discuss an idea we’ve been tossing around for a few weeks. As he started to give me his thoughts, I asked him to pass me the bag of pita and get the butter and honey out. I then consumed another pita with butter and honey. That wasn’t part of the lunch plan; it just happened as I my heart rate increased with anxiety about the scenario.

I then took Lil C to gymnastics, came back home and robotically crunched through way too many Mini Eggs (I love that initial crunch sound) as we continued our discussion.

Yesterday morning we put the idea to bed. My anxiety level told me it wasn’t right. Derek agreed. And from that moment on, I’ve not felt the need to eat chocolate till it hurts.

Running Rundown

Everything is posted in km. For those of you who only do miles, 1 km = .625 mile OR 1 mile = 1.6 km

Saturday – 17 km run – 2 km warm-up at 5:40/ km pace; 10 km St. Patrick’s Day Run at 5:06/km pace; 5 km cooldown at 6:10/km pace.

Monday – 10 km easy run around the neighborhood. It was a beautiful day and this was fun. 5:40/km pace.

Wednesday – 8 km easy run with my friend Trista (click to read her teaching blog) at 6:15 am(!). It was dark and icy and I was paranoid but I love running with others. She had lots of interesting things to tell me so the run went by quickly. 6:00/km pace

An hour after I got back from my run, I got a call from my mom telling me to be careful going outside because she had just landed flat on her back on her morning walk (she’s okay, just a little bruised and sore). I didn’t tell her that I had already been out. I also got an email from my dad yet an hour later telling me not to run outside. Oh well!

Thursday – 12 km speed run that I was supposed to do Wednesday. 1.5 km warm-up at 5:40/km; 6 x 2 min @ 4:40/km with 3 min rest at 5:40/km; rest of 12 km at 5:30/km

Strength Training Stats

Last week my excuses were laziness and a cough. This week I will use my ear/sinus issue and March Break as excuses.

Friday: Personal training session with Mathieu

It’s so easy to lace up my shoes and go out the door, rather than find a time to go to a studio circuit class. But I’ll repeat my excuse: I think it might have been the March “Break In Routine” that made this all the more difficult.

Do you thrive on “a plan” like me? Does a break in routine throw you for a loop or is it refreshing to you? And what about eating – do you have triggers or an eating “type”? Aside from stress eaters, I’ve heard of emotional eaters and social eaters, but there must be more.


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