Style Tuesday: Busy Spring Lifestyle

April 26, 2011 at 7:27 pm 1 comment

Life has been busy these last few weeks. First, Derek was away for 13 days in a row at the beginning of the month (not that I was counting). It just so happened that my go-to caregivers (grandparents) were away on vacation. Then, last week, I took an unexpected 72-hour trip to Florida with Lil C due to an illness in the family. The trip was full of fun family time, but quick and somewhat hectic. This week, we are adding to my work responsibilities in the family biz, or “The Firm” as I like to call it.

At this point, I still feel like I’ve got a handle on things, but I can see that if I’m not careful, I could teeter into that zone where I’m chasing after tasks and responsibilities rather than staying on top of them. Spring is fun, but busy. So here’s my action plan to stay on top of things while keeping the year’s “Fun” theme a priority:

1) Meal-Planning picnics at the park and/or very early dinners: The boys have soccer and t-ball after school on FOUR nights a week (at least one or the other does that is…) and on the weekend, as well as swimming lessons on the weekend. Last year I attempted to bring picnics to the sports venues. Often the boys were too excited to eat. I’m going to try this again. It it doesn’t work, we’ll go back to 4 pm dinner and big bedtime snack.

2) “Us” Time: Derek and I are going to have to make sure we continue to plan to make “us” time. Last year we booked a sitter for almost every Saturday of the entire summer. I’m thinking that might have to start again soon – at least it will force as to leave our laptops for a couple of hours if only to go out, do errands and grab a bite to eat. We also have a few days away planned in May. This may not happen, but if not, we’ll reschedule for June.

3) Regularly Scheduled Workouts: I used to have set days and times for my runs and workouts. I’ve slipped from this a bit. I am planning to get back to this.

4) Regularly Scheduled Work Hours: There are no words I hate hearing from Derek more than “Do you have some time [today/tomorrow] to work on [any given task]”? And worse than that, if I say I’m busy, he wants to know what I’m busy with (probably just out of interest). The thing is, it’s often just a workout or grocery shopping or an appointment and I feel bad telling him that when I know he wants me to do a paid task.

Solution: I need to once again block off specific work hours where I can’t book appointments, workouts, etc. and he knows that I’m available.

I would love to hear your suggestions for keeping ahead of busy spring schedules? Who’s got ideas for quick and easy portable ball-park or soccer pitch dinners? How and when did I become a soccer mom?


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