Fitness Friday: More Excuses & Kids on the Run

June 17, 2011 at 2:36 am 3 comments

Unfortunately, life is not leaving much time for blog writing, and thus this is my ONLY post this week. I hope you are all able to stick with me while I get into my new busier routine. The family business is growing and thus my work responsibilities grow with it, especially as we get the new bits off the ground.

And the kids… the kids! They are keeping us so busy with all their activities. Spring is the busiest time as many activities overlap. I think I only have one more week of this mayhem before some of them start to taper off for summer.

First soccer game; first goal; first high 5 from Coach

Kids’ (Organized) Fitness Schedule over the Last Week

Saturday: 9:30 am Blastball for both boys; 1 pm first of four summer soccer festivals for Lil D which consist of two 50 minute games

Sunday: 8:40 am Swimming lessons for both boys

Monday: 6:30 pm Soccer for Lil C

Tuesday: 6 pm Soccer for Lil D

Wednesday: 6:30 pm Blastball for both boys

Thursday: 6 pm Soccer for Lil D

Friday: Rest day

Post-game show of muscle

I’m tired just reading that over. They don’t stop (and neither do their appetites)! It’s not only when it’s their activity either. When they’re at each other’s games, they are playing/practicing with the other siblings (or their exhausted parents) on the sidelines.

I will welcome the end of swimming and blastball with (tired) open arms. Please tell me I’m not the only one. Are any of you suffering from spring activity overload?

Quad stretch while he awaits the next drill

Brothers getting ready to bat

Swimming lessons: Lil D and his buddy Lil D2

I’m back at a half-marathon training schedule this week and I have a race coming up this weekend. I’m still feeling a little sluggish from the half-marathon (even 2.5 weeks out!) so I’m not expecting a personal best at the race on Sunday. In fact, if I hadn’t already registered and raised funds (not too late to sponsor me!), I probably wouldn’t run at all. But what’s done is done. I’ll just go and enjoy the experience.

Running Rundown:

Everything is posted in km. For those of you who only do miles, 1 km = .625 mile OR 1 mile = 1.6 km

Saturday-13 km run with Elation Run Club.

Tuesday – Speed class in the evening. 3 km to the track; 4 x (200m, 400m, 200m) with equivalent distance active rest in between; 3 km cool-down.

Thursday – 8 km easy run with a few 100 m strides (accelerations) thrown in near the end.

Strength and Conditioning Stats:

Monday: Greco Lean and Fit class

Uh oh – that’s it.

Have a great weekend! I’m down one child on Saturday and Sunday (Lil D is off for a train ride to Montreal with his Nana and Grandpa) and I think it will make for a quiet and nut-filled weekend around here.


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  • 1. Lynn  |  June 18, 2011 at 5:44 pm

    What’s blastball?

    We’re also totally overloaded. June is crazy and seems to get crazier every year. So many activities, end-of-year parties, trying to get organized for summer…it’s INSANE. Every moment of our next three weeks is booked solid with trips and birthday parties and soccer and swimming and dance and chess and a play and oh yeah, BLOG OUT LOUD. Crazy!

  • 2. mostlyfitmom  |  June 19, 2011 at 4:09 am

    We only put our kids in soccer this spring, because the season started before I was done finals, so there was no way we could jam anything more into the sched without major problems. As it was, my husband was often gone and my kids had soccer the same nights, sometimes at the same time at different fields, so I was running around like crazy a few times. The kids had fun, though, so it was all good. 🙂

  • 3. Joy  |  July 22, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    Wow! That is some schedule. I feel like we have these weeks at times. As a fellow mom, you might be interested in this Mom’s Guide to Caring for Little Teeth ( It gives practical tips for things you might encounter at different ages, like losing teeth, etc. I’ve enjoyed it.


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