I’ve Officially Been an Adult for Twenty Years

August 6, 2011 at 1:45 am 1 comment

This morning someone saw me sitting at a coffee shop with my laptop and asked me if I was writing a post (I wasn’t). This afternoon I had an hour to read some of my favourite blogs. These events conspired to inspire me.

I’m baaaack! It doesn’t hurt that I negotiated less hours from my boss/husband so this week I feel like I have a minute to breathe.

We have been so busy this summer and I have wished I could share some of the fun here. I’ll see how much I can cover in this post, but it may take a few. So let’s do this in reverse chronological order.

I celebrated my birthday this week. In honour, I’m going to do a little self-retrospective (I made that word up) of adulthood by decade:

2011 (38 yrs): Two children. A husband. A house built for us. A mortgage. A flexible part-time job in our family business (the fifth job in this decade that I’ve had along several varied career paths, none of which I would call my own though I’ve enjoyed all of them for various reasons). Good friends. Adventures on the not-so-distant horizon.

2001 (28 yrs): Two degrees. Two years of work (and life) experience in Washington DC. Now living in Toronto with my soon-to-be-fiance-husband-father-of-my-children. About to start my first little business.

1991 (18 yrs): Just graduated from high school and off to Montreal and McGill. The ups and downs of young-adulthood were on the horizon…

An aside: Writing that last line makes me realize that the years between 1991 and 2001 were the toughest. There was fun (a lot of fun; sometimes too much fun) but there were also so many challenges emotionally. I think I really became a full-on adult when I moved to Washington in 1998. All alone in a new place, I got to know myself and my capabilities. I made great new friends, got a job, and trained for my first marathon.

Where will I be in 10 years? Through today’s eyes, I see the future like this:

Lil D will be applying to university or college; Lil C will be starting high school; Derek and I will be living closer to the equator or at least visiting more often; Derek will have a completely different business which will have evolved from those he currently works on, and I’ll still be pretending just to be along for the ride.

Hopefully I’ll be a fluent Spanish speaker, a seasoned volunteer, a faster runner than I am today, and a yogi. I may someday go back to my roots as a personal trainer/fitness instructor/exercise physiology person in some way, but I haven’t figured out the time/benefit ratio of that just yet.

Twenty years ago I would never have predicted my future like that; some parts might have been similar, but I would have predicted a successful if not important career. Today, that doesn’t even make the list. I do still feel a need to make my mark, but not via a traditional career.

I am curious to know what my parents thought I would be like as an “experienced” adult – you know, when I was 18, did they have specific hopes, dreams, wants for me and did I live up to them to this point (parents, you guys don’t have to answer here; it’s just a musing)? I ask that because I wonder what my children will be like as young adults twenty years from now. Am I the only one who does that? Do I have an abnormally hard time living in the present?

Perhaps I do, and that brings me to my next question:

Where will the next ten, twenty, even thirty years take me? Only god/hashem/allah/buddah/krishna/nature/fate knows… but I sure hope that the years continue to be as much fun and full of laughter as those that have come before.

Oh! That’s a whole post and I only covered one day. I’ve still got some catching up to do…


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  • 1. mostlyfitmom  |  August 6, 2011 at 3:07 am

    I’m curious to see what kind of adults my kids will grow up into, too, but I don’t want it to happen too fast!


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