Fitness Friday: Two Summer Race Recaps

September 9, 2011 at 6:22 pm 3 comments

It’s been so long since I wrote a Fitness Friday post. Now that routines are getting back to normal, I’m thinking about my fall fitness regimen. Today however, I want to catch up on two races I did in July.

July 1, 2011 – I posted a couple of pics from the Bushtukah Canada Day Races; I did the 5k. I hadn’t planned on it until the day before when I went to pick up Lil D’s 1k race kit and Lil C’s 100 m race kit.

A couple of weeks earlier I had run what for me was a fast 5k at the Do It for Dad. With the weather a balmy and humid 30 C, all I wanted to do was get under 25 minutes. It was a hard and hot run but I finished in 23:41, 13/83 in my age group, 32/344 women.

But I had so much more fun running the 1k with Lil D. He totally surprised me by pacing himself to run the whole thing except for a little hill. We finished together in 8:35. He was so proud of himself and asked when we could run the next one. I’m thinking the Rattle Me Bones race for the Ottawa Hospital Ortho Dept would be a fun one for him.

And as for Lil C, he wasn’t thrilled during the long 100 m run, that I didn’t hold his hand the whole way. In fact, he was so angry with me, that he wouldn’t wear his hard-earned medal. He vehemently exclaimed,

“I don’t want it!”

We then left the run and went to the Canada Day Festival at Andy Hayden Park and indulged in all kinds of sweet and gooey treats.

July 17, 2011 – This was the second hottest day of the entire summer and I had made a committment to be part of a three person mixed relay team for the Cow Pattie Relay in support of the Friends of Farm. This is a 10 mile 3 loop race that you can run alone, as a two person team, or as a three person team. I joined Jean-Pierre and Jenn as part of three person team, each of us running 5.33 km.

The race began at 6:30 pm at the Agriculture Museum in 35.8 degree celsius temperatures. The turnout for this race was not huge and I’m expecting that many who had registered and of course any day-of registrants opted out.

It was fun to be part of team though – and I survived – though listening to my painfully loud breathing for 25 minutes was not exactly pleasant. But guess what? We finished second out of the mixed teams! Yay for us.

So, lesson learned from mid-summer races: If possible, pay the late registration fee and only register if the weather is reasonable, and by reasonable I mean maybe below 30 degrees.

And that brings me to today. I am nine days out from the Army Half-Marathon. I have done all the training, as it was laid out in my schedule. I don’t feel any faster, but perhaps I’ll feel better at the end of this half-marathon compared to the one I did in May. I’d like to think I’ll run a smarter and more evenly paced race.

I’m well into my taper and here’s what I did this week:

Running Rundown

Everything is posted in km. For those of you who only do miles, 1 km = .625 mile OR 1 mile = 1.6 km

Saturday – 15 km slow run (6:05/km pace). It was humid.

Monday – 10 km run with time intervals at between 4:45 and 4:25 km/min pace: 2.5 km warm-up; 8 x 2 min with 2 min active rest; 1 km cool-down.

Thursday, early morning– 9 km run: 2 km warm-up; 6 km tempo building from 5:20/km to 4:49/km; 1 km cool-down

Cross Training

Nada, zippo, zilch, does walking your kids to and from school count?

I would love to get some suggestions for the best fall runs/races. I’m thinking 5 or 10ks until 2012. Who has races planned that they can suggest?


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  • 1. Lynn  |  September 9, 2011 at 7:43 pm

    My son and husband will be doing the Army Run 5K – it’s in just two weeks. It’s a really well organized run and you get fun dog-tags as your “medal” at the end. We’ve enjoyed it the past few years.

  • 2. Lynn  |  September 10, 2011 at 4:19 pm

    Super late notice, but I just heard about Kanata Race Day – it’s a 1K and a 5K happening tomorrow, September 11:

    • 3. Liisa at Fit for a Kid  |  September 11, 2011 at 1:35 am

      Thanks Lynn! Would totally have gone but alas, Lil D’s final soccer festival of the season is tomorrow… Would be too much.

      Happy to hear your feedback on Army Run!


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