Fitness Friday: Canada Army Run Race Recap

September 23, 2011 at 3:25 pm 3 comments

What a whirlwind week! I’m exhausted. However, it’s Fitness Friday and I know if I don’t post my Canada Army Run race recap this week, I won’t get around to it forever.

Race Day Preparations

Saturday, Derek and my little guys came along with me to city hall to pick up my race kit. The boys took the opportunity to climb on some army vehicles but were disappointed when we cut their fun short so I could rush to the airport to pick up my run buddy and her man.

Over the course of the day, I drank four litres of water – hydrated for sure!

Day of the Race

Sunday morning, I grabbed a half a bowl of steel-cut oats with pumpkin seeds and raisins and a coffee. I gathered my gear, but, to my deep dismay, my Garmin had frozen at 11:51 pm on Saturday night… and it wasn’t until it lost it’s charge on Tuesday that I was able to recharge it and use it… no constant pace-checking for me during the race, perhaps a blessing in disguise.

I changed up my fuel strategy for this run: plain water with an electrolyte tablet (Nuun) and package of Sharkies. I ate one or two Sharkies at a time throughout the run beginning around 40 minutes into it. I also grabbed a few sips of Gatorade at the last two stations along the way.

My friends Jenn and Molly arrived to pick Jess and I up at 7:45 am. Molly was kind enough to drop us off near the start. We made a pit stop at City Hall and then met another friend before heading to the start.

The Race

What a difference the start was from the Race Weekend in May. I never felt crowded… I watched the big screen as the injured soldiers took off 15 minutes before the mass start. Finally the canon boomed for us. We walked just over a minute before we heard the distinctive “beeeeeep” as we crossed the start.

I dropped my “throw-away” sweatshirt at the 1k mark. We ran fast for 2k downhill and then tried to slow down. We were having too much fun. Jenn and our other friend were aiming for a faster time than me so I thought they were ahead. They weren’t. I was going too fast (there was at least one 4:40 km). Eventually they caught up with us and we ran together until I had to tie my shoe.

The run went by so many Ottawa landmarks on that sunny morning, I had a great time playing tour guide for Jess.

At about the 17 k mark I started to feel tired. The description “flat and fast” that is written all over the Run’s website is false advertising. I would call it “rolling hills and somewhat fast”. My expletives upon seeing another hill got worse as the run progressed.

At that point, we had time in the bank and decided to just run to enjoy ourselves (as we had been, but this meant slowing down to continue this reasonably comfortable feeling). We ran and chatted. I saw friendly faces along the way. At about the 20 k mark I had given up on my “A” goal, but suddenly the finish line was in front of us. They didn’t have those silly signs counting down the last 500 metres that I had been expecting!

The Finish

Can you see us in the bottom right corner crossing the finish?

Jess yelled at me to push myself to the finish, that I had trained for three months and what was a few seconds of hard work. So I did, and it felt great.

When I finished, I had no idea what my chip time was. I knew I had enjoyed the run and gone faster than I did in May, but it wasn’t till I got home and checked the computer that I realized I achieved my goal with a whopping nine seconds to spare.

Run done; let's eat and drink!

Post-Race Bullets

  • Lunch at The Corner
  • A kiss goodbye to Lil C and D who were off to a movie and a sleepover with my parents (They give the Lion King 3D two thumbs up “a little sad but good”.
  • A walk around the Byward Market where I happened upon a delicious box of brightly coloured chocolate-covered sunflower seeds
  • Dinner at Town. OH SO YUMMY. Two glasses of wine and I was toast – how times have changed. Have booked another dinner there next weekend.
  • Monday lunchtime break at Metta Massage – aaaahhhhh…

So who else ran this one? Would you agree with my assessment of the race organization and route? How did it go for you? What about the 5k? Was it hard to get moving in that run?

Regular Fitness Friday stuff for this week (recovery week!):

Running Rundown

Thursday 4k – easy

Friday 1k- easy with Lil D (who ran a total of 3k with his school’s KM Club) Way to go Lil D!


Wednesday – hot flow yoga

Back at it for real next week… Costa Rica on the horizon which means many hours in very little clothing.


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  • 1. Lynn  |  September 23, 2011 at 4:01 pm

    My husband and son were supposed to run the 5K, but the day before the race my son came down with a terrible chest cold and rotten cough. We had to make the tough decision to pull him, after he’d trained for months. I know you sympathize!

    My husband went and did the run anyway and actually really loved it. We all agree that they have the best medals of any race in Ottawa!

  • 2. Jenn  |  September 23, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    Hey Liisa,
    Love that Jess yelled at you near the end! So proud of you for getting in under 1:50. I agree that the race start didn’t feel crowded like Ottawa Race Weekend in May and we didn’t waste as much time dodging people. Already looking forward to my next half!

  • 3. emma watson photo 2011 @ BlackBerry Wallpaper  |  October 9, 2011 at 12:16 am

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