Tico Tuesday: Moving Through the List

November 22, 2011 at 2:33 pm Leave a comment

It’s been a whirlwind month. We just returned from a birthday trip to Disney/Florida for my dad’s 65th birthday. Yes, a 65 year old man wanted to celebrate his birthday at Disney World with his grandsons. It was fantastic! And today is my dad’s actual birthday. Happy Birthday Dad!!

We insisted he wear this pin for a day.

Everyone, from street sweepers to bus drivers to servers, wished him a happy birthday. I found it funny. He “lost it” the next day.

And now that we’re back we have just about a month to prepare for the trip (and the holidays). I met with a very nice woman who spent two years in Costa Rica with her family. She gave me lots of great insights on life there and information on various day-to-day life things that will make things easier for us – ways to get internet shopping items to us, local medical care (it’s good!), pharmaceuticals, driving, school meals, social things… it was great info.

To-Do List Progress: I have removed all the completed items. You can see those here:

For Ottawa

  • Organize home insurance as rental property (still waiting for quote)
  • Spanish lessons/babysitting for boys before we leave 
  • Purge our household contents; feeling the urge to pare down (solid wood crib, Ikea futon, small fake Christmas tree, etc… anyone, anyone?) – working on this
  • Pack up house for renters
  • Make contact list, instruction list for renters
  • Pack for our trip
  • Get worksheets for Lil D from teacher; buy other resources
  • Spanish lessons for Derek and I – not gonna happen until we’re there
  • Make all billing paperless (pretty much done)
  • Redirect mail to my parents’ house
  • Organize direct deposit of business accounts receivable payments through our banks; apparently, if they don’t do electronic funds transfers, we can get our customers to send their cheques directly to our bank for deposit – how convenient!!
  • Inform security company of renter
  • Modify cable, internet, phone services for renter

For Tamarindo (our Costa Rican town)

  • Stock up on Cdn pharmaceuticals including DEET-containing products
  • Family visit to travel clinic for all boosters, vaccines (booked for this week)
  • Flu shots for all
  • Optometrist (booked early Dec)
  • Doctor – Lil D annual physical (booked for early Dec)
  • Allergy retest for Lil D  – this deserves a separate post and it’s not good news
  • Buy new linens for CR
  • Investigate luggage limit for air travel – we’ll have to pay $40 for each extra bag… not too bad
  • Rebook renters of our condo in March for another unit in our building; we don’t want to back up and leave for that week.
  • Plan trip in March to renew tourist visas – looking like Nicaragua
  • Register Derek and me for Spanish school – I’m registered. I’m still figuring out what Derek would like to do.

Hope everyone is getting through the dark days of November; Disney was in full holiday season mode. It will be here before we know it!


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