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Yesterday morning, with our belongings still in the Continental Airlines vortex, I set out in my new dress (purchased on my way into town from the airport) and my sneakers to get us some groceries, toiletries and a few more clothing items at the supermercado. Here’s the lovely look I had going with my sneaks:

With a slightly nervous hand, I hopped into our car – a Daihatsu Sirion – and booted my way through the busy downtown to the supermarket in a plaza on the other side of town. This drive took about five minutes in my maneuverable little car. We have taken over the lease from our  local property manager.

This is what the roads look like in the busiest little area – so one MUST be paying attention:

Photo credit: Lil D

It’s also important to note that the police do not need probable cause to stop a vehicle here so they often have checkpoints to check your “papers” i.e. passport, driver’s license and to make sure children are in booster seats. I gathered those items in my bag before I headed out.

I arrived at the grocery store exhilarated to be driving myself around town. I parked and headed into the AutoMercado. The selection was similar to what we have at home. Prices are similar if not slightly less expensive on produce, but significantly more expensive on American packaged goods (makes sense).

I selected fruits and veggies, five types of sunscreen and three types of bug spray along with many other items to fill my eventually overflowing cart. As I proceeded through the store, reading labels for allergy information (listed in bold like in Canada- phew!) and ingredients, I could feel my heart rate steadily increasing. I really had no reason to be stressed at that point, but I was (maybe partly because I couldn’t find sunflower seeds).

After the efficient and friendly cashier scanned and his colleague bagged my very large order (Loblaws could learn a little something here), neither of my credit cards worked.

I went to Scotiabank next door. My daily cash limit is small. I have just never needed to change it and it’s been the same since I was sixteen. I got as much cash as I could but realized it wouldn’t be enough. I drove back to the beach, grabbed some cash, and Skyped Visa.

“Yes, you did inform us that you would be traveling to Costa Rica, but we would just like to verify the last couple of purchases with you”.

That sorted, I headed back to the grocery store where the manager had kept my order aside. The Visa card worked. I left the store feeling relieved and broke 12 of 15 eggs in the parking lot (I boiled them right away at home).

Lost Luggage Update

  • All five pieces of luggage recovered and delivered late last evening
  • Missing from one duffel bag: two pairs of kids’ Umbro soccer cleats, Garmin GPS watch, iPod, and men’s flip-flops

Kid Update

When we left Ottawa, Lil C had a cold. Last night around 4 am he woke up with a mid-grade fever. Medicated, he fell back to sleep in my bed. I was up for a few hours imagining various scenarios if he woke up feverish.

My worrying worked. He woke up cool and refreshed, barely chewing his toast as he urgently ushered us out toward the pool.

Exploring low tide

One of the resident howler monkeys at the neighbouring Hotel Capitan Suizo:

Linda the howler monkey playing in the hammock while Lil C looks on

I imagine I will have a lot to write about over the next few weeks, but while I’m going to incorporate many things about life here, I still want to stay true to the theme of my blog – keeping my family fit, healthy and happy.

Friday this week, I will have the usual Fitness Friday post.

Thanks for all of your Facebook and blog comments. I love that I can stay in touch this way!


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  • 1. Jenn  |  December 29, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    It’s quite an adventure already…love hearing about all the daily goings-on. Not sure about those sneaks with the dress though…I’m worried about you now!

  • […] I have discovered that the length of the beach and back is 5 km. I cannot verify this, because my Garmin was stolen – […]

  • 3. Lynn  |  December 30, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    I have to say I’m stressed out just reading about your two days so far…and they seem to have gone as smoothly as you could have hoped! Man, I hate travel. Now that you’re there and settled I’m looking forward to hearing lots of happy stories.

    What will happen about the stuff that was stolen from your luggage? Can you file a claim, or is there no proof of anything so it’s just gone?

    • 4. Liisa at Fit for a Kid  |  January 2, 2012 at 3:48 pm

      Lynn – It was stressful but we really took it all in stride. It’s part of the adventure and the story. I am sure though, that if someone had slapped a blood pressure cuff on me at certain moments of the day, they would have suggested I take myself to the hospital immediately.

      As for our missing stuff, we can file a claim. I’m not sure what that means though and whether we’ll actually get any compensation for it. I’ll keep you posted.

  • 5. Donna  |  December 30, 2011 at 4:13 pm

    Liisa, so great to hear about your travels, I love that the blog keeps everyone in touch. Keep it up


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