Fitness Friday: Strengthen Your Core for a Cause

December 30, 2011 at 12:55 pm 7 comments

Shortly after I started blogging, I posted about my friend Julie’s daughter Kate. Since then, and after four years of unanswered questions, Kate has been diagnosed with a very rare form of mitochondrial disease.

One of Julie’s friends is organizing a really fun event which will not only kickstart your core work for 2012, but will get your giving self off to a good start to the new year too.

Here’s Brenda’s description and information on how to participate:

If you wish to participate in this event, you are agreeing to complete a side plank and a front plank everyday for a minimum of 30 secs each. You will agree to donate .25 per plank completed. If you miss a day you will agree to donate .50 per plank not completed. All proceeds will go to Mitocanada.As you may or may not know, a friend whom I met throught the Ottawa Triathlon Club (Julie Drury) has a daughter Kate, who has an extremely rare form of mitochondrial disease that has caused many medical conditions, including:
– Global developmental delay
– Profound deafness
– Cyclical vomiting + and hemodynamic instability with episodes of unexplained illness and pain
– Sideroblastic anemia
– Nephrocalcinosis and hypercalciurea
– Chronic constipation
– Immunodeficiency (Hypogammaglobulinemia)
– Post-anesthesia complications
– Spinal syringomyelia (syrinx)
– Pili Torti
What is amazing is that Kate has gone 4 years without a diagnosis. Her diagnosis of mitochondrial disease is recent – though it was always suspected. She is 1 of 9 in the world with this new form of mitochondrial disease. The type she has has yet to be defined and described in the medical literature.

Mitochondrial disease affects 1 in 6000 people. It is not a rare disease, but it is very difficult to recognize and diagnose – and has no known treatment or cure. MitoCanada raises money to provide support to families living with mito, raise funds for research and to raise awareness and knowledge about the disease among physicians and the public.

More information about the organization can be found here:

If you wish to sign up, click on this llink:

Put your name down and each week put the total under the specific week. The document will add each week to the next and give you a total to donate. Julie Drury will be asking Mitocanada to put a link up for us to donate to.

Thank you in advance for agreeing to participate. I know that Julie, her family and Mitocanada will value any contribution we give and our core will thank us for making it stronger.

So, are you in? If you complete all the required planks, you are committing to donate $22.50 (3 planks/day x 30 days beginning Jan 2nd). If you complete no planks, you will be on the hook for $45.

I am upping the ante and suggesting that you go for a minute for each plank (even if you have to break it into a two parts).

This Week’s Running Rundown

Travel and a lack of running clothes cramped my running style this week, but I still managed to get in a little more than half my usual kilometers.

Everything is posted in km. For those of you who only do miles, 1 km = .625 mile OR 1 mile = 1.6 km

Saturday – 10 km Christmas Eve run with Elation Run Club

Wednesday –8 km mid-pace run on the treadmill in a very hot workout room in our condo community’s gym. I think I would rather sweat like that outdoors. Uugh!

Friday – 10 km easy run on the beach. I have discovered that the length of the beach and back is 5 km. I cannot verify this, because my Garmin was stolen – boo.

Cross Training

Wednesday: Quick strength training circuit in the gym. One set only… I’m gonna do better than this in the coming weeks.

Have a great week in fitness. I hope you’ll join me in 2012 as I participate in Plank to Plunk Down for MitoCanada.

Oh, and to keep up with my running log, I am posting and logging my runs on (since I no longer have my Garmin to keep my stats). You can ‘friend’ me and we can share our workouts. My name is simply Liisa.


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  • 1. Julie  |  December 30, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    Hi Liisa, thanks for putting up this post. It was funny how this all came about. We have a little group page on FP called ‘Triathlon Training Buddies’. We started talking about a kick start activity to the new year and wanted to do something as a group. It evolved into a fundraising idea and then I suggested MitoCanada as the charity. Things are growing and we hope to get a lot of participation and maybe even some media attention in Ottawa to get even more participants.
    Brenda talks about this being an annual thing. Wouldn’t that be great?
    Enjoying following your adventures in Costa Rica. What a great experience.
    All the best.

    PS> Kate is doing really well lately. She has had several good months and is looking very strong. She has her challenges, but when she feels well she is a happy little girl.

    • 2. Liisa at Fit for a Kid  |  January 2, 2012 at 3:46 pm

      Julie – It would be awesome if it became an annual thing! Great idea for a way to kickstart the year. And thank you for the update on Kate. Happy New Year to you and your family.

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