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Good News and Bad News – Allergy Update

We prepared well for our trip to the allergist this time.  Both parents there for extra distraction and mutual moral support, a treat for morning snack, and a promise of a trip to the toy store after it was all over.   

The good news – we didn’t have to go for a blood test.  What a relief.  The crying prior to the application of the allergens was minimal and short-lived, thanks to the reminder about the toy store.   

The bad news – as we read stories for 15 minutes, Derek and I looked back and forth between little D’s arm and each other; it was clear that the second “P” on the list was lighting up with a nice hive.  Two other letters on the list, the first “P” and the “H”, had little hives too.  Yup, a 6mm hive on peanuts, and 2 mm on pecans and hazelnuts.  We are, and will likely remain, a nut-free family.  Little C must be tested too, as there is an increased likelihood of peanut allergy in siblings of allergic children.   

Glad I know where we stand.  Glad it’s peanuts he’s allergic to, as that allergy is common and fairly simple to manage in this era of allergy awareness.   

We were able to clear up a few things that Derek and I have enjoyed “discussing” over the last 18 months.  According to our well-respected allergist:   

1)Little D is not likely to have a life-threatening reaction because of the rest of his medical profile, but there is no guarantee with peanut allergies.   

2)  Little D must get a medicalert bracelet.  I understand they are nicer than the ones the kids used to wear in my school days.  These two aren’t terrible:   

I think this one is more neutral


D loves soccer; he'll probably want this one


3) We can continue to eat at restaurants as long as we ask about the food; if they cannot “guarantee” something, we must be absolutely sure we have his epi-pen with us.   

4)  We do not have to carry 2 epi-pens.   

5)  Almond butter is not okay, even though he is not to almonds.  It is too confusing for him and for others.  We should keep it simple and say absolutely no nuts or nut products.   

We go back in a year to test again.   

I wanted a picture of D’s arm to post here but my model was not cooperative with his paparazzi, and at that moment, I did not want to push.   

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