Fitness ’11

Last year I wrote about some general fitness challenges that I was hoping to undertake.  Though I continued to exercise consistently and enthusiastically, I really didn’t set or meet any concrete goals.  I continued to see measurable progress in my strength, body composition and cardiovascular fitness, but this year I wanna compete!

Here we are in June! If you wanna see what I did the first half of the year, scroll down. Plans from June 1 to the end of the year are here:

2011 – June to December


June 2-6, 2011 – NO RUNNING

June 19, 2011 – Alterna Do it for Dad 10k – goal time: under 50:30 *Did the 5k instead!

July 16, 2011 – Cowpattie Relay 10 miler *Done in a team of three

Sep 18 – Army Half Marathon  – Goal time: 1:52:59 or under *Done!

October 23 – Rattle Me Bones 10k in support of arthritis and orthopaedic research at the Ottawa Hospital – Goal time: 48:22

Dec 3 – Santa Shuffle 5k – Goal time: 23:15

Body Composition:

This is gonna be a big focus for the month of June before I start back into the meat of training for the late-September half-marathon.

  1. To keep track of the hunger effect from training I will (privately) journal my food so that I don’t use running as an excuse to just eat whatever, as I did successfully the last five months.
  2. I will do circuit training 3 times per week and will make sure that in at least one of those classes I focus on lifting heavier with less reps.

Injury Prevention (NEW!!)

  1. Yoga once per week.
  2. REGULAR icing after runs and foam rolling on run days.
  3. Daily stretching (for even just 5 minutes).

2011 – January to June


March 12, 2011 – Ottawa St. Patrick’s Day 10k – goal: under 51 minutes. – ACCOMPLISHED!

April 30, 2011 – Nashville Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon with Jessica (read about us here) – Update March 6 2011 We weren’t able to get our act together for this race so we’ll be doing another one together in the second half of 2011, but I’ve got the May half to look forward to!

April 10, 2011 – Minto Run for Reach 10k – goal: under 51 minutes – ACCOMPLISHED (by over 2 minutes)!

May 29, 2011 – Ottawa Race Weekend Half Marathon – goal time 1:54:59 – ACCOMPLISHED!

June 19, 2011 – Alterna Do it for Dad 10k – goal time under 50 minutes. This event takes place on Father’s Day. In honour of the great men in my life (dad, Derek) and my men-to-be (children!), I am fundraising for this event in support of research, prevention and equipment for all men’s cancers. Visit my personal fundraising page to donate. I am working extra hard to train for this one and get my best time EVER.

Body Composition:

While I’ve just been running regularly again for the last 6 weeks or so, I’ve read many articles on weight gain during endurance training.  I am not so keen on that.

To counteract the hunger effect from training:

1.  I will run no more than 3 times per week.

I ended up doing 4 times per week for the last 2 months.

2.  I will (privately) journal my food so that I don’t use running as an excuse to just eat whatever.

Did this daily for the entire time. It helped me to see where and how I gained weight when I did (at the peak of training).

3.  I will continue my Friday heavy weight-training days with my trainer.

Family priorities came first and I gave this up in mid-April.

4.  I will continue to do circuit training 2 days per week.

Done until the last few weeks.

That looks like a lot of time training, but really, it’s just 4 days per week.

Monday and Wednesday will be circuit training at Greco Lean and Fit immediately followed by runs (warm up followed by high intensity intervals and/or hills, though I hate hills).  I’m loving the treadmill for these.

Friday will be weight training.

Saturday and/or Sunday will be a long run outside.  My skiing weather cut-off is usually -10C at the bottom of the mountain, so I think I’ll use the same for running.  Long runs on the treadmill don’t scare me.


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