Fitness Challenges

Note to the reader:  This was supposed to be a “list” under the “list” heading, but though there are 2 things listed near the bottom of this page, I now note that there is much too much prose for this to be considered a true “list” according to my resident “list” expert.

I’m the kind of person who works best to a goal or a deadline in everything I do.  This past spring, I thought about what new fitness challenge(s) or goals, to keep motivated and fit (and perhaps continue to improve my fitness level).  I almost (almost) signed on to do a fitness competition, but then I thought about the spray tan, the sparkly bikini, the odd looking poses, the dehydration, and the 6 inch stripper heels, and I decided it is not really the right challenge for me.

So what then?  In 2000 and 2001 I ran a couple of marathons with my friend Jessica.  We vowed that every 10 years we would complete a marathon together.  Here we are in 2010 and guess what, I have no desire, nor do I have the time to train for a marathon.  My 26 year-old self did not recognize that 3 hour weekend training runs and then afternoons napping would be a hard negotiation with a husband and 2 cute kids.  I’m still considering a half-marathon for the fall, but in the meantime…

2000 Marathon Bib

Jess & me (with very short hair and ugly shorts) in 2000

I’ve decided on 2 short-term goals, and I will continue with my Greco Lean & Fit classes 3 days a week:

1)  The 100 push-up challenge: I learned about a great website called from a comment on Dani’s  Postcards from the Mothership blog post about push-ups.   I am joining her in her quest to do more pushups over the next 6-12 weeks.  Don’t know if I’ll get to 100, but I’ll get darn close (dammit!!).

I began Week 1 of the program on Sunday (April 11).  Today, Tuesday, will be Day 2 of Week 1.  I am doing the third column.  Please check it out and want to join me in this through Dani’s blog.

Currently, I think I can do about 20 push-ups without breaking form (though I do slow down to a crawl near the end).  I will update this weekly.

May 13th update:  Just realized I haven’t updated this section!  I just completed Week 4, Day 2 but have moved down to level 2 (started at Level 3).  Wow, those last few are tough.  I think I can probably do between 30 and 40 push-ups in a row now.  In today’s workout I did a total of 113 reps (in a total of 5 sets)…. I am definitely improving!

September 15th update:  I’m still at about 50 push-ups, but I’m good with that!

2)  Ottawa Race Weekend 10k: I have not run in an organized race (beyond the ones I organize with my boys on the driveway) since 2001, and I have never run this particular race.  Why the heck not this year??  Whether or not my old(er) hip and knee joints permit this is the big unknown.  On this, I will also keep you posted.  Anyone care to join me?  I could use some company.  The last time I registered for this race, I backed out on race day cause I was too hung-over (and I was a wimpy 22 year old).  No excuses this year!

Update April 16th:  I understand the 10k in the Ottawa Race Weekend is sold out – I’m too late!  I’ll have to find another to do around the same time frame – stay tuned.

Update September 15th:  I’ve let this one slide.  I’m not going to say it’s out of the question for the rest of 2010, but I can’t say it’s on my radar right now.

If anyone has any suggestions for future fitness challenges (suitable for a 37-year-old mother of 2 preschoolers), please let me know.


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